Saturday, 16 of October of 2021

Certified DOJ Live Scan San Diego

“Certified DOJ” means that your Live Scan fingerprints are transmitted, certified and processed by the Department of Justice.  The California Department of Justice uses an automated service to perform criminal background checks. These background checks are required for licensing, employment, certifications, foreign adoptions and immigration/Visa.

The California Live Scan system began in 1991. In 1997 Live Scan became the state standard for fingerprinting.

The agency requiring the criminal background check provides applicants the forms and instructions to complete fingerprinting requirements. Many agencies have different forms so check with the requesting agency before assuming you have the necessary Live Scan paperwork. 

The fingerprints must be transmitted electronically and it only takes a few minutes for the fingerprints to arrive at the Department of Justice. Using the Live Scan process, background checks can be completed with 72 hours. (Sometimes delays occur at the DOJ, but usually your background check is completed in a few days.)

The DOJ requires that fingerprints be taken by a qualified operator or law enforcement professional. Private companies and government agencies that qualify can process Live Scan fingerprints. Fingerprints travel across the network maintained by the Attorney General and are checked against criminal offender records database.

Data Privacy is important. Each Live Scan facility must handle applicant personal data carefully and securely. Live Scan Operators are required by the DOJ to pass their own criminal background check to obtain the certificate to take fingerprints.

It is our recommendation as AAA Live Scan San Diego that you ensure the person taking your fingerprints is concentrating on your prints and the environment is organized and free of distractions. DOJ certified prints can be processed incorrectly. We see many applicants each week that did not have their fingerprints taken properly by other Live Scan Operators and we are experienced in retaking fingerprints others have mishandled.

You are providing information about yourself when visiting a Live Scan facility.  Make sure the person receiving your confidential information is the certified fingerprint roller and not a co-worker helping customers with other business or sales.