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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What documents, information, and identification are required for my visit? 
Answer: Please bring the following items to the Live Scan office:
  • BCII 8016 “Request for Live Scan” service form (3 completed copies)
  • Social Security Number
  • DOJ Approved Photo ID
    • Passport
    • California Driver’s License
    • California DMV ID Card
    • Out-of-state Driver’s License
    • Alien Registration / Immigration Green Card
    • Military ID Card
    • Mexican Consulate ID Card (Matricula Consular de Alta Seguridad)
2. Will I be asked to provide my Social Security Number?
Answer: Yes. The Department of Justice has strict policies and procedures when it comes to the care and safety of citizens’ (applicants’) personal information. A reputable Live Scan service provider, by law, must adhere to these rules.

All Live Scan systems are to be stored in a locked and secure area. Fingerprint records may not remain on a Live Scan system beyond 40 days — they must be purged. Applicant Live Scan forms must be stored in a secure, locked area. After a designated period of time, the expired forms must be shredded — not dumped in the trash — and disposed of.
3. Can any employer or agency require Live Scan service? 
Answer: No. An organization, employer and/or licensing agency must be authorized by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to submit applicant fingerprints for background checks. There must be a mandated requirement based upon the type of business the organization, employer and/or licensing agency conducts in order to obtain authorization.
4. Can I get my fingerprints done once and use them again?
Answer: No. Once your fingerprint record has been processed and your suitability for licensing and/or employment have been reported to your Referring Agency, your fingerprint record is deleted. The only civilian fingerprint records kept on file are those belonging to convicted felons.
5. Do you offer Mobile Live Scan Service? Will you come to Us?
Answer: Yes. Our state-of-the-art mobile Live Scan Service can come to you. Please call 760-480-6900 to set up a group session. Groups of 10 or more applicants can be served at your company, agency, or special location.
6. Do I need to make an appointment? I’ve heard of long lines elsewhere.
Answer: No appointment necessary. Many times we will take your fingerprints immediately. The average wait is 7 minutes. Walk-in for no hassle, friendly processing.
7. I’m an employer. How do I set up a client account with AAA Live Scan for on-site group Live Scan services?
Answer: AAA Live Scan has relationships with hundreds of agencies and organizations throughout Southern California. If you have ongoing Live Scan needs, we can process new hires and/or volunteers on an ongoing basis by creating a billing account just for you. We value our clients and provide prompt transmission reports and assistance.

Please call 760-480-6900 for more information.
8. Who requires certified Live Scan fingerprints and do you have experience with the different requirements?
Answer: We are proud to serve a long list of professionals, applicants, and industries. AAA is one of the original Live Scan operators in Southern California and has a high rate of repeat business. We’re friendly, highly trained and dedicated to flawless and secure fingerprinting. 

Here are some of the communities we’ve built relationships with:
  • Local state and government agencies
  • The courts
  • Lawyers
  • Department of Social Services controlled facilities
  • Contractors
  • Real estate professionals and appraisers
  • DMV licensed professionals
  • Adoption
  • Security guards
  • Registered nurse/RNs,
  • Doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals
  • EMS/EMTs
  • Teachers
  • Caregivers
  • Volunteers
  • Non-profits

Get Fast Work at Competitive Rates

For over 13 years, AAA Live Scan has focused exclusively on Live Scan fingerprinting. All of our staff are California DOJ fingerprint technicians who can complete the service within five minutes and will get the job done right.

You'll find extremely competitive rates and we'll price match any of our direct competitors.

Offices are in Escondido, Carlsbad, and San Diego.
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