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We Only Focus On Live Scans, No Appointment Needed!

Dedicated Live Scan Fingerprinting

AAA Live Scan Is Your Better Choice

Unlike a lot of other providers, AAA Live Scan technicians are highly trained and use the latest in fingerprinting technology. You'll get flawless fingerprints and your personal information will be fully protected.

You don't want to trust your Live Scan to stores where the service is only a part of their focus or where they are distracted by other work. Inexperienced, inefficient scanners can delay your results and cost you extra time and money!

Drawing on our great reputation for integrity and our attention to detail, AAA Live Scan often is called on to retake fingerprints that other Live Scan providers have incorrectly processed.

Certified Department of Justice Fingerprinting

AAA Live Scan proudly serves the state and local governments, as well as a host of professions and agencies.
  • Lawyers and courts
  • Licensed contractors
  • Real estate professionals and appraisers
  • DMV licensed professionals
  • Security guards
  • Notaries
  • Foster parents
  • Caregivers
  • Teachers
  • Volunteer and non-profit groups
  • Health care and medical professionals, including EMS and EMTs, nurses and RNs, doctors, and surgeons
  • Department of Social Services controlled facilities

Fingerprinting Services You Can Count On

AAA Live Scan is one of the original providers of Live Scan services in San Diego County and employs certified technicians with over 25 years of combined fingerprinting experience.

Our offices in Escondido, Carlsbad, and San Diego maintain regular business hours and never require appointments. Each office is a full-time agency that offers complete fingerprinting services, including FBI ink cards.

We also offer mobile services with up to 10 systems for large groups. See our download center for our various request forms.
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Save With On-Site Fingerprinting Events

If your organization is in frequent need of our services, you should consider opening a client account. 

We'll offer you dedicated on-site fingerprinting that will reduce the time required and the cost of processing groups of 10 or more. Contact us for information on our outstanding record in conducting fingerprinting events.
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Get High-Quality Work From Dedicated Professionals

Every year, Live Scan fingerprinting technology helps thousands of people maintain their lifestyle.
  • Employment
  • Licenses
  • Certifications
  • Foreign adoptions and more
Make sure your fingerprints are processed correctly. Use AAA Live Scan! You'll get high-quality, consistent fingerprints that reduce the rate of print rejection.

Expect Expedited Service and Results

You no longer have to worry about smudging, mishandling, and mail delays. California and the DOJ have created a network designed to securely transmit prints digitally.

Live Scan results usually come back within 72 hours but sometimes the results are delayed at the DOJ. In those cases, the DOJ may contact the employer or requesting agency to let them know about the delay.

Proper Preparation Improves the Print Process

Because your fingerprints can be rejected if your skin is scarred, scratched, cut, or callused, AAA Live Scan technicians have been trained to prep your hands in order to capture the most precise prints possible. 

Inexperienced work by other rollers may lead to your Live Scan being rejected, which could delay your processing for weeks. Trust the experts! Come to one of our three dedicated offices for the best in Live Scan fingerprinting!
Your Security is guaranteed!

Offices in Escondido, Carlsbad, and San Diego

Mobile Service Available
Escondido - 760-480-6900
Carlsbad - 760-434-3533
San Diego - 619-683-2660
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