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Protecting the Public With Live Scan

Providing Fingerprinting for Over 13 Years

California was one of the earliest states to implement the Live Scan system statewide in 1997. A Live Scan is a digitized fingerprint taken for a background check. Employers have been using this process for years to help maintain a safe work environment for both employees and clients. Nowadays, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies also use Live Scan technology.

Recommended in Many Licensed Professions

Although every state has different requirements, many professionals are required to be fingerprinted as part of a criminal background check.
  • Professional license applicants
  • EMTs
  • Nurses
  • Caregivers who work with children or the elderly
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
The California Board of Registered Nursing recommends Live Scan fingerprinting over the manual fingerprinting process.

Digital Processing Speeds Up the Results

When your fingerprints are digitized through the Live Scan process, they are immediately transmitted to the central computer system at the California Department of Justice. Your initial results will get back to employers and licensing agencies within a few days.

The DOJ then keeps your fingerprints on file and will notify the agencies you work with if you receive any convictions going forward.

Trusted Results From Certified Fingerprint Rollers

Fingerprint rollers must be certified before they can take your prints. Although many office supply stores and postal stores offer fingerprint services, that service is not their specialty, and while law enforcement agencies have Live Scan equipment, you may not receive fast or convenient service.

Also, in California fingerprinting must be done by certified staff or qualified law enforcement personnel who must submit to a state and federal background check before becoming certified by the DOJ.

At AAA Live Scan, our dedicated Live Scan operators specialize only in fingerprinting and have extensive experience in taking both digital and manual fingerprints. You can trust our expertise.

Live Scan Process Takes Only Minutes to Complete

Compared to manual fingerprinting, which can take one to two months to process through the DOJ and FBI, Live Scan is much faster and results can be received in as little as one to two weeks.

The fingerprinting process itself takes only a few minutes to complete before they are electronically transmitted to the DOJ, FBI, and the Child Abuse Index (CACI) when applicable. 

Some providers have other services that can affect your wait time and accuracy, but at AAA Live Scan our focus is only on Live Scan Fingerprinting. Contact one of our three area offices today for details or to set up a mobile appointment.
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