Saturday, 16 of October of 2021

Live Scan in San Diego

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Live Scan fingerprinting technicians across Southern California help thousands of people every year acquire and maintain employment, certifications, licensing, immigration, foreign adoptions and more. Seems like Live Scan providers are popping everyday in San Diego. Just because a Live Scan operation opens it doors, doesn’t mean your fingerprints will be processed correctly. For this reason, we published some Live Scan Tips and Lessons Learned to help the consumer.

Live Scan is now the standard in California and the Department of Justice (DOJ) created a network specifically designed to securely transmit digital fingerprint images. The technology used produces high quality, consistent fingerprints, reducing the rejection rates. Gone are the days of rolling your fingers in ink. That antiquated technique runs the risk of smudging, mishandling and mailing delays. With Live Scan, the results come back from the DOJ usually within 72 hours.  (Sometimes, the results are delayed at the DOJ. When this happens, the DOJ may contact the employer or requesting agency handling your employment or licensing.)

If the Live Scan provider is not experienced, your Live Scan may be rejected and this could delay your processing for weeks. Your fingerprints may also be rejected if your skin is scarred, scratched, cut or callused. AAA Live Scan’s technicians have years of experience beyond most of the other operations in San Diego. We know how to prep your hands to capture the most precise prints possible. Avoid delays and frustration, choose a Live Scan Provider in San Diego wisely.

Fingerprinting in San Diego

Organizations that arrange for consolidated, mobile and group Live Scan services save considerable money. For example, a non-profit recently cut their liability costs significantly by setting up an Employer Live Scan Account.

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