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Convenient Mobile Live Scan Services

Make Easy Arrangements for Your Organization

We can process hundreds or even thousands of fingerprints in one day with our convenient mobile services. 

We'll come to your business, school, hospital, or any private or public agency. Arranging mobile Live Scan is easy and efficient, and it reduces disruptions in your organization.

Get Precision On-Site Fingerprint Processing 

You can count on AAA Live Scan for the most reliable mobile service in Southern California. We meticulously maintain our scan units to ensure you get precise fingerprint images. We can process fingerprints quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively at your office or event.
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Watch Out for Sloppy Work and Hidden Costs

Be sure your mobile fingerprinting service has the kind of extensive experience demonstrated by AAA Live Scan, which can lessen disruptions and minimize any confusion at your workplace.

Otherwise, you may run into one of those Live Scan providers who promise great service and then arrive late or understaffed. Also, be sure to ask your provider about hidden fees. Scanners may promise cheap Live Scan services and then start tacking on additional charges once they arrive!

Don't Put Yourself in the Hands of Poor Operators

Here in Southern California, new Live Scan facilities open all the time but many end up shutting down due to poor attention to detail, bad management, and shoddy customer care.

When you trust your fingerprinting to businesses that sell non-related products and services, you put yourself at risk of delays and fingerprint denials from the Department of Justice.

Here's an example. One Live Scan applicant told us that his data and fingerprints were being handled by a cashier at a mailbox store who was on the phone with the certified Live Scan operator. When the applicant's prints failed, he was required to get them resubmitted, which caused delays and stress.

The lesson learned is to make sure the person rolling your fingerprints is the person certified to conduct the Live Scan and to transmit your confidential personal data.

Be Sure Your Roller Knows Your Profession

Live Scan requirements change depending on where you work, your profession, and your application. If your Live Scan operator is not fully trained and experienced, they can process your application improperly which can lead to unfortunate delays.

For instance, we recently worked with a customer who had to have his prints retaken because his previous Live Scan provider did not know that the Real Estate Live Scan form requires a Social Security number in two places!

Be sure you and your provider carefully review your "Request for Live Scan Services" form. At AAA Live Scan, we have the skills and background to ensure your forms are filled out correctly.

Watch Out for So-Called Live Scan Deals

Be careful when you're searching for the lowest prices. Quoted fees vary widely, on closer inspection, the cost after you head out of the door ends up being much higher due to hidden fees. Remember to ask about all the costs you will be required to pay, including government fees. 

Also, many of our customers have reported that they wasted time and money on poorly administered Live Scan prints that need to be taken again.

Ensure Your Roller Has the Technical Know-How

An inexperienced Live Scan roller will rely solely on the software to identify problems and exceptions with the fingerprints or the application, which means they can miss important issues. Once your application is submitted to the DOJ, there's almost nothing that can be done to correct an issue.

At AAA Live Scan, our experienced techs know how to troubleshoot the technology because we have a long relationship with Live Scan fingerprinting and the DOJ, as well as with the industries and citizens of San Diego County.

For more information on mobile scanning, call 760-480-6900. Even if mobile services are not for you, we can usually get you in and out in less than five minutes at one of our offices in Escondido, Carlsbad, and San Diego.
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