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Live Scan Tips Part 1

Live Scan Lessons Learned San Diego

With over 8 years experience performing Live Scan Services we have accumulated many lessons learned, best practices and surprising stories along the way. 

We’ve found that sharing our stories with you not only keeps you informed but allows you to make better decisions on who to trust for Department of Justice (DOJ) certified, electronic or manual Live Scan fingerprinting.


Lessons Learned and Tips from the Field

New Live Scan facilities open all the time and many end up shutting down prematurely due to lack of attention to detail, poor management and shoddy customer care. Trusting your fingerprints to places that sell non-related products and services puts you at risk for delays and even denials of your fingerprints by the Department of Justice (DOJ). 

We once heard a story from an applicant who said his data and Live Scan fingerprints were being handled by a cashier at a mailbox store while on the phone with the actual certified Live Scan operator. The applicant’s fingerprints failed and he was required to get them resubmitted, causing delays and stress. Lesson Learned: Make sure the person rolling your fingerprints is the person certified to conduct the Live Scan and transmit confidential personal data.

Live Scan requirements vary by profession and applicant type. If the Live Scan operator is not skilled and experienced with the differences in requirements and applications they can process your application incorrectly.  They will also be of no help to you in reviewing the application prior to transmittal.  An applicant recently visited us to retake his prints that were incorrectly processed by another provider. This other provider did not know that the Real Estate Live Scan form requires the Social Security Number (SSN) in two separate places.  TIP: As an applicant, carefully review the “Request for Live Scan Services” form required by the employer or requesting agency.

The search for the lowest price can be a misleading experience. Fees vary widely and there are many providers in San Diego that advertise extremely low rates . However, at closer inspection, the cost “out the door” ends up being much higher due to hidden fees that are not disclosed to you up front. TIP: If price is important to you, ask about all the fees that you will be required to pay, e.g., government fees. Many of our customers have mentioned that they wasted time and money trying to “save a few bucks” when in the end they were required to get their fingerprints taken again. 

Many inexperienced Live Scan fingerprint rollers rely solely on the Live Scan software to tell them every exception or problem with the fingerprints or application. Inexperience often leads to oversight. Once the transmission is sent through the network to the California DOJ, there is little that can be done to correct a problem. Many applications bounce because the operator does not know how to troubleshoot the technology used.  TIP: Visit a professional Live Scan Service Provider that specializes in electronic Live Scan fingerprinting and has had a long relationship with the DOJ and industry and citizens in San Diego.

Client Accounts

If you send employees for Live Scan fingerprints and FBI fingerprint cards on an ongoing basis, consider signing up for a Client Billing Accosan diego live scan billing acountsunt. Client Billing Accounts streamline Live Scan processing:

  • AAA Live Scan maintains reports for you and can help you manage Live Scan  volume and requirements.
  • Reports and invoices, if desired, are aggregated across multiple employee sites and locations
  • Cost for Live Scan may go down with improved efficiency and exclusive client benefits
  • AAA Live Scan provides extensive follow-through to hire
  • Optional Mobile Live Scan Services make it convenient for groups of 10 or more. Mobile fingerprinting services are also available for busy executives. Mobile services are organized to limit disruption and provide you and your employees the most convenient Live Scan experience possible.  

Many public and private agencies turn to us for dependable processing and consolidated billing. We were one of the first Live Scan providers in Southern California (the State made Live Scan the standard in 1991). We have seen many other Live Scan providers come and go. Our long-standing relationship with over 200 public and private companies is a testament to our ability to deliver on time and with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail.

For an interesting read of some of the insights we’ve gathered on the Live Scan industry and fingerprint processing over the last several years, please visit our Tips and Lessons Learned section.

Non-profit organizations and employers who currently have a billing account with AAA Live Scan are pleased with how it saves them significant time and prevents incomplete and mishandled applications. We thoroughly review the completeness and accuracy of the Live Scan forms before they are transmitted and this can improve the Live Scan success rate dramatically.

AAA Live Scan is a family and veteran-owned business with three convenient offices in Mission Valley, Escondido and Carlsbad

Please call us at  (760) 480-6900 for more information on Client Accounts and to learn how your specific organization can benefit now or in the future.

Mission Valley Location


See you in the Valley!Building view of Mission Valley Location

Conveniently located near the airport and close to major freeways, AAA Live Scan in Mission Valley is open five days a week for your electronic or ink fingerprinting needs. We are located at 2667 Camino Del Rio S, Suite 310. Hours are Monday through Friday 10am-5pm. No need for appointments. We have fine-tuned the fingerprinting process and you can expect NO WAITING. Most of the time, your fingerprints are completed in less than 10 minutes – ultra convenient, fast, affordable and accurate. 

The Security of Your Personal Data is Important

AAALiveScan is a full-service, DOJ certified, fingerprinting agency. Our business is solely dedicated to processing flawless fingerprints for criminal background checks, employment, certification and licensing. Because we are one of the first Live Scan operators in San Diego, we know the “ins and outs” of both digital and manual fingerprinting. We are also authorized to prepare FBI ink fingerprint cards. 

To get it done right the first time, visit us today. We can identify fingerprint issues that might make them unacceptable BEFORE they are transmitted to the DOJ. To ensure your data is securely maintained and transmitted, choose a Mission Valley Live Scan operation recommended by government agencies and private companies alike. 

Proudly Serving Mission ValleyMission Valley Live Scan Location San Diego

Mission Valley is one of the most exciting places to shop in Southern California, with it’s tantalizing array of big label shops, boutiques, department stores and restaurants. This area is an exciting mix of industry, busy residents, professionals and public service personnel needing Live Scan services that save time and frustration.  Not all fingerprinting establishments are the same!  At AAALiveScan, we frequently retake fingerprints that other operators have processed incorrectly! Experience makes a difference. 

Our Mission Valley office serves one of the most important business and citizen communities in San Diego County. Centrally located, our Live Scan operation is one of three AAALiveScan branches. A major goal for the Mission Valley office in 2011 is to make it easier than ever for residents, employers and applicants to get their fingerprints processed accurately and securely.

We also enjoy educating consumers on How Live Scan Works in California and spreading the news about Warnings for Live Scan Customers.  Some Live Scan providers do not verify that you completed your forms correctly until it is too late. Although we cannot fill out the forms for you, our skilled technicians can spot problems that could potentially delay or deny processing.  

We can come to you!

Let us coordinate on-site and affordable Live Scan services for you and your organization – efficient and non-disruptive.  Mobile Live Scan Services are perfect for groups of 10 or more or for busy the busy executive requiring discreet or personalized service. We have been been chosen by many private companies and government, state and local agencies to conduct their on-site fingerprinting because we are reliable and don’t miss a beat. We will also make special arrangements for anyone who cannot attend the mobile Live Scan.


Corporate and Client Accounts

Easy to setup and a breeze for reporting, AAALiveScan Client Accounts put you first. Learn more about Employer Fingerprinting Services and Client Accounts and how they can save your company time and streamline the fingerprinting process.

For easy directions to the Mission Valley office, use our interactive maps showing aaalivescan locations or smart phone users click on the address below to instantly use your navigation system.

2667 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92116

Suite 303

(619) 683-2660